Using a Homemade Granite Cleaner

Let’s discuss using homemade granite cleaner recipes vs Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner.

Homemade Granite Cleaner Recipes

I wanted to compile a few facts about homemade granite cleaner recipes.  Firstly, these cleaning products are safe to use on natural stone surfaces, affordable ingredients and easy to make. Most of the homemade granite cleaners I’ve seen and used, are made from simple concoctions such as water, alcohol, dish soap and sometimes even a little fragrance. Here is a simple homemade granite cleaner recipe and the things you’ll need if you would like to make your own:

  • 32 oz spray bottle and sprayer
  • Three drops of dish detergent
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
Add one cup of rubbing alcohol to a 32 oz container or quart size container. Add approximately three drops of a pH balanced cleaner such as Dawn dishwashing liquid to the alcohol. Fill the quart size container the rest of the way with water. For best results use distilled water.

I admit that homemade recipes similar to the one listed above will clean granite, but over time, a polished granite surface will start to look dull and cloudy. When cleaning your granite countertops with a homemade granite cleaner, it is always necessary to rinse the surface to avoid soap scum buildup. This buildup will cause your granite to start looking dull or cloudy.

Tips and Advice When Using Homemade Granite Cleaners

When cleaning granite countertops with homemade granite cleaners, it is imperative to always rinse the surface to remove the soap. If you elect not to rinse after each use, you will dull the polished surface by allowing the dish soap to buildup over time.

Using Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner

Unlike homemade granite cleaners that are made with simple formulas and ingredients, Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner is a cleaner, polish and protectant. Supreme Surface is made with a cosmetic grade surfactant (cleansing agent). It is a no rinse formula that will not build up. Every time you use Supreme Surface cleaner, it acts more as a treatment by protecting the stone against stains. It’s a nontoxic formula that is 100% naturally derived. For more information visit Supreme Surface Granite Countertop Cleaner.

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  • granite kitchen worktops

    Granite stone is widely used to construct kitchen worktops. The reason for this it is strong , durable and we don’t need to clean it much more. You can simply clean it with wet cloth and can also prepare cleaner at home.